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Llanherne gc 9 hole results

Wednesday 17/06/20
J. Johnston 21, I Latham, C. Hemming, T. Walpole, L. Polglase 20, prizes to 17 points

Friday 19/06/20
G. Johnstone 23, J. Mikulski 22, L. Polglase, R. Warren 21, prizes to18 points

Sunday 21/06/20
B. Kenna 18

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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 20th June – Par W Hart Trophy Winner +5 J Sorrentino A Grade +4 M Hall +3 A Rowbottom
B Grade +3 L Hart on a count back +3 J Marais C Grade +5 J Sorrentino +1 R Jackson on a count back
Prize Winners +2 B Gott R Wall P McManus Scott Godfrey J Heron S Collins +1 S Compton G Jones C Le Fevre
A McKay K Shepperd G Williams 0 L Griggs M Thompson J Rice D Reid M Mani J Milne P Lilley
Nearest the Pin 2nd P Pennington 4th S Manser & D Smith 11th L Mason 13th D McDavitt

Llanherne Golf Club Results

Thursday 18 June Stableford. R Lethborg 42, D Kelly 39, Modinger 38 c/b. P Mann 38, H Bradburn 37, J Goggins, M Grant, G Davy 36, P Grubb ,G Cuthbert, M Armstrong, R Dresser 35, B Bannister, J Herczykowski, T Weldon, C Trevena, R Barnett, T Field 34. NTP 2nd T Weldon, 4th A Turner, 11th R Lethborg, 13th B Simpson

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9 Hole Comp Results

Wednesday 10/6/20T. Walpole 21, T Suris, B. Henry, B. Phillips, P. Mann 20, Prizes to 18 points on C/B

Friday 12/6/20
T. Polglase 22c/b, R. Wilson 22, B. Palmer, J. Mikulski 20, Prizes to 17 points

Sunday 14/6/20
J. Howard 22, A. Mollineaux, N. Sperring, M. Dix 19, Prizes to 17 points

Tuesday Ladies Competition

Ladies Foursome Championships: Gross Winner; E. Hart & M. Dix 267 R/Up Gross L. Targett & P. Richardson 272 Nett Winner L. Targett & P. Richardson 221

Winner 1st Round: Nett J. Baker & S. Richardson 75.5 2nd Round Nett: H. Steele & J. Bailey 74 3rd Round Nett Winner: H. Steele & J. Bailey 73