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Llanherne golf results

Thursday 11/2/21
T. Freeman 40, D. Lovell, P. Partridge, J.woodroffe, M. Pearce 37, R. Martin, A. Forward, P. Boreham, J. King 36, M. Modinger 35, M. Thomson, I. Latham, B. Simpson, S. Manser 34c/b

Ladies winner: P. Skinner 37

N.T. P. 2nd D. Harrison, 4th M. Armstrong, 11th G. Johnstone, 13th B. Smith

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Tuesday Ladies Competition Results

Stableford: Winner P. Richardson 41 R/Up M. Bresnehan 40 3rd J. Perkins 38 C. Markby 36 A. Forward 35 J. King 34 D. Goddard 33 C/B T. Cameron H. Tonks L. Targett G. Stephens 33 Nearest Pin: 2/11 J. King 4/13 S. Tringrove

9 Hole Stableford: Winner S. Tringrove 20 A. Thompson 19 O. Milbourne 16 C/B H. Dalton 16 L. Beard 15


Llanherne golf results

Thursday 4/02/21
P. Wettenhall & B. Bannister 47, A. Forward & C. Markby, T. Field & M. Clark, M.Pearce & D. Harrison, A. Forward & P. Skinner 45, D. Reid & J. King, I. Latham & P. Boreham, S. Collins & S. Carter 43c/b

N.T.P. 2nd D. Quinn, 4th S. Carter, 11th M. Thomson, 13th P. Wettenhall

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