Members Information

Reciprocal Rights

We enjoy reciprocal rights with the following golf clubs:

Greens Beach Golf Club

St Helens Golf Club

Wynyard Golf Club

Queenstown Golf Club

Deloraine Golf Club

Goonawarra Golf Club (Sunbury Vic.)

6383 9102

6376 1218

6442 2614

6471 1164

6362 2132

9744 4344


Members of Llanherne are welcome to play at these courses without payment of the usual green fees. Llanherne members may also participate in events conducted by these clubs.

If you intend visiting any of these clubs we suggest you arrange for proof of membership/handicap to present if asked.

In March each year Llanherne conducts an interclub event with Greens Beach Golf Club with the venue alternating each year.



In the case of a dangerous situation arising, such as an approaching lightning storm, members should take action to protect themselves prior to a storm impacting the course. Where possible the committee will warn players of the situation by means of a siren or other method and play is suspended on notice of the situation. Players may suspend their game if such notice is not forthcoming and danger is imminent

Play is not usually suspended or cancelled due to hot weather. Members are advised to keep themselves well hydrated. There a drinking fountains near the 5th and 6th tees and fresh water taps in the vicinity of all greens.



Should any player become ill members should do what is necessary to assist. In the case of a heart attack or suspected heart attack there is a defibrillator in the foyer. The defibrillator is easy to use and members will be able to apply it if necessary.  During a competition the door nearest the 9th green is unlocked to access the defibrillator. In any case an ambulance should be called and a member of the group or other person should wait near the clubhouse to direct the ambulance to where the patient may be. Members are requested to copy the clubhouse phone number to their mobile phones should the need arise to contact the clubhouse for assistance. The phone number is 03 6248 7711

Slow Play

As most of you are aware, we have limited sunlight hours during June and July. Members are requested to be aware of the time taken for a round so that players in the afternoon do not have to finish in semi darkness. The low handicapper in each group is responsible for ensuring that slow play is not a problem for others.