Member Course Use Rules COVID-19

The course is closed except for members

Members as of the Saturday April 11th are required to book your tee time via Our Golf.

If you have a friend who does not have email please book them in as usual.

You will be required to tee off at the time you selected, not earlier nor later. If players do not adhere to the time they have selected the system will fail.

I have been informed that some members have deleted the booking reminder from their mobile phones. It will be necessary for you to keep the message on your phone to settle any disputes on the first tee.

As from Saturday 11 April you will be limited to playing nine holes. This will enable all our members to get a game.

Unless the situation in Tasmania improves there will be much stricter limitations on movement. It is up to each and every member to make sure they abide by the rules  so that we can keep playing.



The course will be monitored and all members are required to prominently display their current bag tag to assist in identification.

Remember do not use bunker rakes. Use your foot and or club. Avoid putting out, gimmees are the new buzz word.