Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 24/12/20
J. Rickards 23c/b, M. Fellowes 23, L. Prins 22, B. Holloway, N. Heath, M. Kent 21 prizes down to 19 points

Sunday 27/12/29
M. Campbell 18 points

Wednesday 30/12/20
P. Nyland 22, A. Woodward, R. Fellowes, R. Thorne 21, prizes down to 18points on c/b

Thursday 31/12/20
J. Shepherd 48, P. Page 40, M.Armstrong, D. Charlesworth 39 prizes down to 35 points

Ladies winner H. Tonks 37

N.T.P. 2nd A. McKay, 4th M. Hall, 11th M. Brennan, 13th M. Armstrong

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