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Tuesday Ladies Results

Charity Day Foursomes:

Visitors Winners:  V.Reid/ M. Hagenvort 70.5         R/Up   C/B G. Downey/J. Goss  73      G. Diprose/C McCulloch   73   L. Brown/H. Fox 74     Nearest Pin Visitors 2/11:  M. King/ K. Gardner      Nearest Pin  4/13   H. Fox/V.Reid        Winner Club: J. Bailey/A. Suris 69    R/Up L. Johannesen/ H. Tonks 70    J.Tatnell/T.Cameron 71.5     J. Baker A. Forward 75  Nearest Pin Club 2/11 A. Suris/P. Skinner   Nearest Pin 4/13  D. Kelly/A.Forward


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 14th August – Stableford G A Molony Trophy Winner 40pts J Squibb
A Grade 40pts J Squibb 37pts M Hall on a count back B Grade 38pts P Grinsted
36pts P Wettenhall C Grade 37pts G Voss 35pts R Jackson
Prize Winners 37pts D Reid G Quarrell 36pts M Kent J Rice G Wright L Griggs
35pts C Reid R Dyson Nearest the Pin 2nd R Jackson 4th S Collins
11th G Quarrell 13th Super Pin E Hart

Llanherne Golf Club results

Friday 6/8/21T. Lacy, O. Melbourne 22, G. Hill 21, prizes down to 18points on c/b

Sunday 8/8/21
W. Under 21, A. Thompson 20, prizes down to 18points

Wednesday 11/8/21
K. Joseph, J. Bean 21, P. Cleaver 20, prizes down to 18points

Thursday 12/8/21
J. Goggins 39, M. Modifier 38, T. Weldon, T. Lacy 36, prizes down to 31points c/ b
Ladies winner : L. Hart 35

N. T. P. 2nd S. Manser, 4th G. Wright, 11th S. Ham, 13th T. Lacy

Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 7th August – Stroke Monthly Medal Winner Nett 69 M Milne
A Grade Nett 69 M Milne Gross 76 M Hall B Grade Nett 75 T Shearman on a count back
Gross 88 G Thompson C Grade Nett 76 T Jarvis Gross 97 S Collins
Nearest the Pin 2nd G Williams 4th B Bannister 11th S Calvert 13th Super Pin D Parker

Llanherne Golf results

Friday 30/7/21S. Carter, C. Langdon 23, B. Carman 21, prizes down 18points

Saturday 31/7/21
F. Weedon & R. Martin 69.5, P. Wettenhall & D. Young, A. Mc Guinness & D. Harrison 73
Prizes down to 77.5
N. T. P. 2nd G. Reid, 4th P. Wettenhall, 11th F. Weedon, 13th A. Mollineaux

Sunday 1/8/21
B. Suttor 21, H. Steele, C. Thompson 21, prizes down to 16 points

Wednesday 4/8/21
G. Davy 24, J. Bomford 23, P. Smith 21, prizes down to 18

Thursday 5/8/21
B. Richards & M. Hellinga, P. Richardson & D. Goddard 48, G Dahl & P. Howard 47, prizes down to 45points
N.T. P. 2nd G. Hayers, 4th P. Richardson, 11th C. Trevena, 13th L . Hart