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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 26th June – 4 Ball Aggregate Stableford 70pts M Campbell F Kershaw
68pts N Williams G Williams 67pts J Shepherd K Shepherd on a count back
67pts G Jones B Bannister Prize Winners 66pts J Rice R Wilson R Martin L Griggs
65pts R Styles G Baxter W Stone G Dahl A Paul G Quarrell 64pts J Squibb M Hellinga
G Thompson T Jarvis L Mason D Webber Nearest the Pin 2nd M Hall 4th T Jarvis
11th T Pennington 13th Super Pin B Phillips Hole in One 13th B Phillips

Llanherne Golf results

Friday 18/6/21
D. Patten, M. Barling, P. Smith 21, prizes down to 18points

Sunday 20/6/21
S. Cottrell 24, S. Coolidge 22, J. Patten 20, H. Dalton 17

Wednesday 23/6/21
B. Phillips, B. Seargeant 21, P. Miller 20c/b, prizes down to 18 points

Thursday 24/6/21
E. Longo 38c/b, C. Trevena 38, M. Cox, T. Pennington, D. Quinn, B. Bannister 36, J. Patten, J. Johnston 35, S. Ham, I. Lamb, P. Boredom, P. Hooker 34, M. Hellinga, G. Davy, T. Jarvis 33

Ladies winner: M. Bresnehan 37

N. T. P. 2nd C. Trevena, 4th G. Wright, 11th I. Latham, 13th B. Cram

Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 19th June – Par W (Bill) Hart Trophy Winner +9 A Ayers
A Grade +3 B Gott +1 T North on a count back B Grade +9 A Ayers +3 G Hayers
C Grade +2 G Dahl on a count back +2 J Patten Prize Winners +2 T Shearman
+1 D Patten J Milne L Hart I Lamb SQR A McKay G Thompson G Roberts M Milne
D Parsell G Wisby Nearest the Pin 2nd T Shearman 4th M Milne 11th T North
13th Super Pin G Hayers Hole in One 13th G Hayers

Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 12th June – Stableford 1st 38pts G Dance 2nd 37pts A Paul 3rd 36pts J Bomford
Prize Winners 35pts M Cash 34pts M Kent G Thompson D Young D Patten
Nearest the Pin 2nd D Young 4th T van der Staay 11th T van der Staay 13th Super Pin B Bannister