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Llanherne golf results

Friday 24/4/21T. Lacy 23, D. Lyden, R. Morgan, M. Harper, B. Phillips 20, prizes down to 18

Wednesday 28/4/21
B. Smith 22, C. Barry, R. Wade, J. Mikulski, B. Carman, R. Fellow’s 21, prizes down to 19

Thursday 29/4/21
A. Belbin, R. Cram 41, H. Bradbury 40, G. Dahl 39, D. Cook, T. Jarvis 38, P. Wettenhall 37, B. Gott, G. Grant, G. Haters 36, A. Hanke, J. Woodruff 35c/b

Ladies Winner: T. Cameron
N. T. P 2nd L. Targett, 4th D. Cook, 11th P. Byrne, 13th P. Wettenhall

Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 24th April – 4BBB Stableford 1st Place 48pts W Stone P Stone
2nd Place 46pts B Simpson J Marais 3rd Place 45pts M Gray P Partridge on a count back
Prize Winners 45pts J Shepherd K Shepherd J Rice R Wilson 44pts A Ayers R Ayers
G Roberts G Hayers P Bowers D Earley N Bennett 42pts S Harris D Radcliffe
41pts R Hibberd N Williams E Hart P Wettenhall on a count back
Nearest the Pin 2nd G Quarrell 4th D Earley 11th B Simpson 13th Super Pin R Ayers

llanherne golf results

Thursday 22/4/21
S. Manser 44, G. Hayers 40, R. Martin , T. Collins 39, P. Wettenhall 38, M.Thomson, P. Grubb 37, J. Heron, A. Belbin M. Hellinga 36, J. Fitzgerald, D. Quinn, P. Harris 35, P. Vincent 34c/b

Ladies winner; L. Hart 35

N. T. P. 2nd M. Gray, 4th J. Milne, 11th P. Skinner, 13th L. Hart

Wednesday 21/4/21
B. Rogers 23, D. Apps, K. Wilson 22, C. Carnes 21, prizes down to 18 points

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llanherne golf results

Friday 9/4/21
B. Vaux 23, P. Lilley 22, C. Tomkins 21, R. Thorne, P. Direen 20 , 17 prizes down to 17c/b points

Wednesday 14/4/21
T. Collins, T. Lacy, D. Charlesworth 20, prizes down 18 points

Thursday 15/4/21
R. Cram 38, M. Pearce, A. Belbin 37, G. Cuthbert, G Wright 36, J. Mikulski, P. Partridge 35, I. Latham, P. Grubb 34, F Kershaw F. Weedon, P. Harris 33

Ladies winner; N. Waddle 33
.N. T. P 2nd C. Trevena, 4th M Mahony, 11th B. Carman , 13Th R. Martin

Friday 16/4/21
J. Howard 24, B Willis, T. Lacy, D. Perkins 22, C. Tomkins, M. Harper 21
prizes down to 18 points

Sunday 18/4/21
J. Howard 22, S. Collidge 21, R. Smith 19, prizes down to 17 points

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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 17th April – Stableford A Grade 42pts M Williams 40pts J Rice
B Grade 41pts A Rowbottom 39pts D Earley C Grade 40 pts R Jackson
38pts on a count back N Griffin Prize Winners 39pts S Brazendale
38pts G Roberts G Dance T van der Staay 37pts W Stone M Hall
J Fitzgerald 36pts L Griggs D Webber Nearest the Pin 2nd M Milne
4th S Harris 11th D Webber 13th Super Pin M Williams