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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 29th August – Stroke A Grade Nett 71 N Lilley on a count back Gross 73 D Smith
B Grade Nett 67 I Lamb Gross 88 P Pearce on a count back C Grade Nett 63 G Davy
Gross 91 R Geeves Prize Winners Nett 66 M Hine-Haycock 70 R Steedman 71 D Young
G Campbell L Mason 72 D Reid G Wright P Armitage F Kershaw 73 G Thompson R Hibberd
B Phillips A Kent M Geeves J Mikulski R Martin Nearest the Pin 2nd G Wright 4th P Armitage
11th A McKay 13th Super Pin D Smith Hole in One 13th D Smith

Results Llanherne Golf Club

Thursday 27 August 2020. Stableford. J Mikulski 39 c/b B Carmen 39 c/b. lady winner E Hart 38. Down the line s Carter 39. C Trevena, F Kershaw, M Dennis 38. J Rainbird, M Clark, A Forward 37.C Martin, T Jarvis, B West, E Longo 36. G Thompson, S Manser, P Pearce, R Dresser, P Pennington, M Grant, P Richardson, P Grubb, J Herczykowski, G Davy, J Woodroffe 35. NTP 2nd J Herczykowski, 4th P Pennington, 11th M Thomson, 13 C Martin.

M Gray


Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 19/08/20
R. Hellessey 23, P. Williams 22, D. Harrold 21 prizes down to 18 points

Friday 21/08/20
D. Brown 21c/b, B. Phillips 21, D. Bain, B. Boswood, G. Hill, G. Clow, G. Fagan, P. Stoessiger, L. Green 20 prizes down to 18 points.

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Ladies Tuesday Competition

President Trophy

Winner Nett J. Baker 72 R/Up D. Kelly 73 Gross: S. Richardson 87 Putts P. Skinner 28 Nett D/Line: C. Martin 74 S. Richardson 75 C/B A. Forward M. Dix 76 C/B J. Bailey P. Skinner 77 C/B L. Hart

9 Hole Stableford: Winner: O. Milbourne 16 C/B M. Garret L. Beard 15 S. Dillon 14 C/B D. Brown A. Thompson


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne – Club Foursomes Champions 2020 Gross 155 G Quarrell R Styles
Div 1 Gross 155 G Quarrell R Styles R/Up Gross 164 D Young R Dyson
Nett 145 L Griggs P Page R/Up Nett 150 P McKay A McKay
Div 2 Gross 184 A Belbin P Wettenhall Gross R/Up 185 P Bowers J Marais
Nett 153 L Polglase T Polglase Nett R/Up 155 D Quinn J Rainbird
Veterans Gross 181 M Gray T Pennington Nett 154 A Belbin P Wettenhall
Stableford 42pts P Galligan 39pts T Howell 38pts A Paul on a count back
Prize Winners 38pts P Lilley 37pts B Phillips C Le Fevre 36pts S Manser
K Shepherd J Fitzgerald Nearest the Pin 2nd P Pennigton 4th T Braken
11th L Griggs 13th Super Pin A Paul