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Covid-19 Stage 1 Roadmap to Recovery – Members Course Use Rules


As you may or may not be aware competition golf can be played in groups of four as from the 18th May. The Match Committee have met and competition play will commence on Thursday 28 May 2020.

The following conditions still apply and as all of you have played under these conditions there should not be any problems.

  1. Golf is still mainly for exercise only. Social distancing still applies and will be enforced
  2. Play your round of golf and leave
  3. No congregating/ drinking in the car park
  4. Only four players on putting practice green at any one time
  5. Only four persons on a tee bed at any time. If necessary wait between the green and tee bed until the tee is clear
  6. No guests until further notice
  7. Try and arrive at the course about 15 minutes before your tee time. We do not want groups gathering around the clubhouse.
  8. Players teeing off at the start of their game have priority. If you wish to play 18 holes socially wait until there is a tee clear time.
  9. Prizes will be vouchers only, to be collected the week after the game.
  10. The pace of play is even more important under the present conditions. We cannot have groups banking up behind slower groups. To assist with this, it is suggested that in a group of four the first two who putt out move to the next tee in readiness to hit off. The pace of groups will be monitored.
  11. Online booking will remain for all golf except Monday and Sunday
  12. Ladies resume on 2 June 2020
  13. If you have booked a time on the 28th May or later it will be deleted and you will have to rebook
  14. Social golf Tuesday, Thursday Saturday book time in social golf section of booking sheet
  15. In the short term you will only be able to book one week ahead



Morning players collect cards and pay competition fee upstairs then leave via deck exit.

All players mark and sign their own cards and on completion place in box upstairs and leave via deck exit

All cards have to be returned completed or not.

Competition fees to be paid by card if possible. Payment in cash will have to be exact amount no change given.

Bar and kitchen closed

Afternoon players to pay competition fee at conclusion of game and names crossed off starting sheet by designated person.


Players collect cards at starters room and pay entry fee into green fee box with name clearly legible

Place completed cards in green fee box when completed.

You can still play social golf you do not have to enter the 9 hole competition



Stay Safe – Wash Hands and 1.5 metre Distancing

Member Course Use Rules COVID-19

The course is closed except for members

Members as of the Saturday April 11th are required to book your tee time via Our Golf.

If you have a friend who does not have email please book them in as usual.

You will be required to tee off at the time you selected, not earlier nor later. If players do not adhere to the time they have selected the system will fail.

I have been informed that some members have deleted the booking reminder from their mobile phones. It will be necessary for you to keep the message on your phone to settle any disputes on the first tee.

As from Saturday 11 April you will be limited to playing nine holes. This will enable all our members to get a game.

Unless the situation in Tasmania improves there will be much stricter limitations on movement. It is up to each and every member to make sure they abide by the rules  so that we can keep playing.



The course will be monitored and all members are required to prominently display their current bag tag to assist in identification.

Remember do not use bunker rakes. Use your foot and or club. Avoid putting out, gimmees are the new buzz word.


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 21st March – Stroke A Grade Nett 70 N Williams Gross 81 R Wall B Grade Nett 71 D Charlton
Gross 87 T Young C Grade Nett 69 N Griffin Gross 93 G Dahl Prize Winners Nett 72 A Rowbottom L Mason
Nett 73 B Phillips J Roberts Nett 74 D Moir M Nester A McKay
Mixed Foursomes Championships Round 1 Gross 88 G Campbell & P Richardson 89 R Dresser & J Herczyowski
T Pennington & J Baker Nett 70.5 R Dresser & J Herczyowski B Bannister & D Kelly

Results Saturday 14 march 2020

Saturday 14 March 2020. Stableford. A Grade R Wall 40, M Hall 37. B Grade P Grinstead 37, T Van Der Staay 37 c/b. C Grade I Lamb 38, P Stone 37. Down the line. D Ratcliffe 36, R Hibberd 35, M Gray 35, G Dahl 35, N Williams 34, L Mason 34, D Young 34, L Knott 34, A McKay 34, super pin G Williams.

M Gray


Llanherne Thursday stableford

J. Tatnell 41, M. Clark, M. Gray , I. Lamb 39, P. Fyfe, M. Armstrong 38, J. Goggins, C. Trevena, G. Baxter, M. Brennan, M. Joyce, M. Hellinga 37, D. Harrison, R. Dresser 36, G. Grant, G. Voss 35

Ladies winner; L. Hart 37

Nearest to pins; 2nd M. Hellinga, 4th R. Jackson, 11th i. Lamb, 13th S. Carter