9 Hole Comp Results

Wednesday 5/12/18

S. Ware 22c/b, D. Perkins, D. Johns, T. Fagan, M. McShane, S. Calvert 22, G. Kruse21, P. Grinsted, B. henry, B. Holloway, T. Beakley, M. Milne, C. Rainbow, R. Gillow, N. Howlett 20, D. Patten, W. Osborne, B. Kenna, L. Hibberd, T. Walpole, G. Walsh, J. Kleeman, M. Button 19


B. Phillips 25, D. Cook 24, T. Walpole, J. French 23, W. Osborne 22, R. Townsend, N. Christie 21, B. Smith, D. French, B. Shearman, D. Patten, M. Geeves 20


C. Rainbow 21c/b, S. Calvert, A. Brown 21, B. Bannister, R. Hibberd 20, R. Luttrell, L. Hibberd 19

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9 Hole Comp Results

Wednesday 28/11/18

S. Hansen 25, T. Beakley 23, L. Anning, E Clayton, G. Kruse, N. Williams, J. Dobie 21, G. Hanlon, W. Targett, S. Ware, P. Fyfe 20, L. Hibberd, B. Henry, T. Lacy, N. Howlett, D. Perkins, T. Paul, F. Weedon, B. Kenna, L. Knott 19

Friday 30/11/18

R. Warren 21c/b, A. Hall 21, R. Gillow, C. Pilkington, T. Cameron, M. Eaves, B. Holloway 20, I. Latham, P. Nyland, G. Walsh, D. Brown, A. Woodward, G. Johnstone 19, P. Direen, B. Ives 18

Sunday 2/12/18

C. Rainbow 21, C. Rowbottom 20, D. Smith, R. Fellowes 19, G. Flanagan, S. Peacock 17c/b

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Llanherne December Newsletter

Saturday the 8th of December is the green keepers revenge day. The competition is 4 person ambrose which will be played from the red tees. As a result, when a team arrives at the 7th/16th hole and there is a possibility that one of the group can reach the green, one member is required to hit off and then call up those who could reach the green when it is clear. Each team will be required to take at least three drives from each member.

Please note that the morning hit off time is 7.00 am for a 7.30 am shotgun start. I have asked Pricap to change the template to reflect this in the future. We do not necessarily have the same tee off times for all shotgun starts and members are reminded to refer to their fixture book or the starting sheet for the hit off times.

The Club has decided to support a local charity which is the Seven Mile Beach Cancer Support Group. Entry fee for This week will be $10.00 of which $3.00 will be donated to the cause. The extra $3.00 will be on a voluntary basis and we hope to make this an annual event.

We were going to have a barbecue, refreshments and a betting event on the 4th/13th green. This has now been cancelled.

A sausage sizzle will be held at the clubhouse. Those who are hitting off in the afternoon group are invited to attend the club early and have a sausage the morning group will be catered for at the finish of their round.


The Super Pin last week was not paid out due to a problem. The names on that list have been held over and if you are listed you will be automatically entered for this week.

The Christmas Stableford will be on the 15 December and is a 8.30 for 9.00 shotgun start. A very popular event as every player gets a prize and the consistency trophies will be awarded.

Mike Gray


P.S – 

I notice that the sheet for the Christmas stableford on the 15 December is full. I you want a game please turn up in time and we will fit you in 

This applies anytime the booking sheet is full apart from the morning start in split shotgun starts.

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