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Tuesday Ladies Competition Results

Barclay Shield Qualifier: A. Suris & J. Herczykowski 74.5 P. Richardson & L Targett 75.5 Emergencies H. Tonks & L. Cameron 76 Gross Winner: S. Richardson & J. Baker 76.5

9 Holes Stableford: Winner D. Brown 15 R/Up S. Tringrove 14 H. Dalton 13


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 11th – Stableford A Grade 39pts B Bannister 37pts P Molony on a count back
B Grade 39pts D Patten 38pts G Hayers on a count back C Grade 40pts J Patten 36pts N Griffin
Prize Winners 38pts G Thompson 37pts R Hibberd L Mason R Dyson A Paul T Howell 36pts R Styles
D Smith P Grinsted 35pts M Kent S Platt A Mollineaux M Grant G Curtis F Kershaw
Nearest the Pin 2nd S Harris 4th A McKay 11th S Brazendale 13th Super Pin M Hall

Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 1/7/20
T Walpole 21c/b, P. Mann 21, S. Ware, C. Hemming, N. Christie, P. Pearce, L. Pol glase 20, prizes down to 18 points on c/b

Friday 3/7/20
P. Philp 24, I. Latham, D. Apps, R. Clark 22, prizes down to 18 points

Sunday 5/7/20
18 Hole Competition
R. Hibberd 39, R. Herbert, A. Mollineaux, S. Peacock 37, P. Molony 36

9 Hole Competition
S. Cottrell 24, M. Campbell 19, B. Henry 18

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Llanherne Golf Club Results

Thursday 9 July Stableford. S Ham 46, G Johnstone 39, P Skinner 39. Down the line A Hanke, D smith 38, J Johnston, M Hellinga, C Markby, G Thompson 37. C Mulligan, E Boreham, H Bradburn 36, G Grant, J Mikulski, F Weedon, T Weldon 35. NTP 2nd E Hart,4th R Payne, 11th M Modinger, 13th D Goddard

M Gray


Tuesday Ladies Comp Results

Pres Trophy/Silver Spoon: Nett: G. Stephens 67 R/Up A Suris 69 S. Richardson 71 C/B A. Watson J. Baker 72 C/B H. Tonks J. Tatnell 75 Putts S. Richardsdon 30 Gross S. Richardson 82

9 Hole Stableford Winner: G. Cotgrove 17 R/Up R. Henry 16 L.Beard H. Dalton 10 points