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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 21st Nov – Stroke A Grade Nett 70 J Rice Gross 77 D Young B Grade Nett 69 N Bennett Gross 85 M Gray
C Grade Nett 73 M Pearce Gross 95 R Ayers Prize Winners Nett 70 D Lyden D Nester 71 N Williams B Palmer D Reid
D Patten 73 E Clayton T Hall 74 Scott Godfrey M Geeves Stephen Godfrey J Mikulski Nearest the Pin 2nd M Hall
4th J Patten 11th B Simpson 13th Super Pin J Mikulski
Singles Championship Final Results 2020 A Grade and Club Champion Gross 305 R Styles R/Up 310 D Smith
Nett 293 G Campbell R/Up 297 D Young B Grade Champion Gross 335 D Patten R/Up 360 G Grant
Nett 304 M Gray R/Up 305 C Reid C Grade Champion Gross 389 J Beard R/Up 392 A Ayers Nett 291 F Kershaw
R/Up 292 M Pearce Veterans Champions Gross 305 R Styles R/Up 311 M Hall Nett 283 D Patten R/Up 291 F Kershaw

Results Llanherne Golf Club

Thursday 19 November 2020 Stableford. G Baxter 44, G Geard 39 c/b. down the line M Grant, P Harris 39,D Charlesworth, J Goggins, A Herbert, J Johnston ,M Clark 38, L Timms 37, M Armstrong, D Patten 36. NTP 2nd P Boreham, 4th G Baxter, 11th D patten, 13th I Lamb

Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 11/11/20
M. Smith 23, P. Smith 21, T. Beakley, L. Polglase, B. Henry, B. Kenna, T. Shearman 20, prizes down to

Friday 13/11/20
B. McShane 24, C. Tomkins 22, K. Williams, 21, prizes down to 18

Sunday 15/11/20
B. Henry 20, H. Dalton18, R. Thorne 17

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Tuesday Ladies Competition

Margaret Verney Trophy winner : S. Richardson 69 R/Up J. Herczykowski 71 Gross S. Richardson 80 P. Thomson 73 A. Forward 75 H. Tonks 76 C/B L. Targett 76 Putts: S. Richardson 30 C/B

9 Hole StablefordWinner: J. Perkins 14 C/B R/Up O. Milbourne 14 H. McCrum 13