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Llanherne Golf results

Friday 23/7/21J. Wilson, 0. Melbourne 22, L. Johannessen, P. Miller 21, prizes down to 18 points

Saturday 24/7/21
A. Grade, L. Mason 40, P. Pennington 37
B. Grade, D. Harrison 40, J. Bomford 38
C. Grade, B. Simpson 40, I. Lamb 36c/b
Prizes down to 34points

N. T. P.2nd J. Squibb, 4th G. Campbell, 11th T. Bracken, 13th G. Quarrell

Sunday 25/7/21
M. Campbell 18

Wednesday 28/7/21
P. Galligan 22, J. Gregson, W. Osborne 21, prizes down to 18points

Thursday 29/7/21
F. Kershaw 38, G. Dahl, P. Pearce 36, prizes down to 33c/b
Ladies winner: L. Targett 36

N. T. P 2nd J. Johnston, 4th E. Longo, 11th B. Deardon, 13th J. Patten

Llanherne Golf results

Friday 16/7/21S. Ware 23, J. Marais 22, J. Pregnell 21, prizes down to 18 points

Sunday 18/7/21
G. Brown, M. Hodge, B. Sherman 20, prizes down to 17 points

Wednesday 21/7/21
M. Hellinga, T. Mc Culloch 21, T. Lacy, M. Dennis, F. Weedon 20, prizes down to 17c/b

Thursday 22/7/21
T. Bracken 44, G. Dahl 40, S. Carter, F. Weedon 39, prizes down to 35 points
Ladies winner: A. Forward

N. T. P. 2nd B. Carman, 4th P. Grubb, 11th B. Moles, 13th M. Mahoney

Llanherne Golf results

Saturday 10/7/21A grade: J. Pregnell, M. Hall 39

B grade: R. Wilson 38, D. Reid 36

C grade: D. Parsell, 38, T. Howell 35
Prizes down to 31 points

N. T. P 2nd M. Hellinga, 4th D. Lyden, 11th J. Pregnell, 13th E. Clayton

Sunday 11/7/21
G. Curtis 21, M. Campbell, R. Fellowes 18,
Prizes down to 16 points

Wednesday 14/7/21
F. Weldon, M. Clark 21, C. Barry, R . Fellowes, M. Campbell 20, prizes down to 18 points

Thursday 15/7/21
M. Hellinga 41, B. Carman, P. Mann 40, J. Fitzgerald 39, prizes down to 33 points
Ladies winner: M. Mahoney 36

N. T. P. 2nd B. Carman, 4th P. Mann, 11th M. Hellinga, 13th P. Partridge

Llanherne Golf results

Friday 2/7/21J. Patten 23, R. Thorne 22, B. McShane, B. Carman, D. Bain 21

Wednesday 7/7/21
B. Mc Shane, P. Williams 21, B. Smith, G. Johnstone, P. Lilley, D. Moir 20

Thursday 8/7/21
M. Clark 38, P. Pearce, M. Hellinga P. Grubb, T. Weldon 37, J. Woodroffe 36, D. Harrison R. Wilson F. Weedon 35, J. Rice , M. Mahoney, G. Wright 34, A. Mc kay 33, G. Baxter, B. Bannister, T. Cameron, G. Johnstone, J. Heron 32

Ladies Winner: S. Ham 36

Llanherne Golf Club Results

Llanherne Sat 3rd July – Stroke Monthly Medal Winner Nett 72 W Stone on a countback
A Grade Nett 72 W Stone Gross 77 T North B Grade Nett 73 M Grant Gross 90 G Thompson
C Grade Nett 72 Stephen Godfrey Gross 96 B Willis Prize Winners Nett 72 D Radcliffe
Nett 73 R Hibberd D Earley F Kershaw Nett 74 D Young C Mulligan Nett 75 N Williams
M Kent A McGuinness P Wettenhall R Steedman Nearest the Pin 2nd A Ayers 4th G Whittle
11th R Wilson 13th Super Pin D Young