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Llanherne golf results

Thursday 14/01/21
B. Smith 41, G. Grant 39, P.
Boreham, M. Clark 38, T. Weldon, A. Herbert, D. Quinn, S. Carter, D. Patten 37, F. Weedon, E. Longo, M. Hellinga, V. Oakley, D. Charlesworth, G.Wright 36, F. Kershaw, B. Carman 35

Ladies winner : J. Tatnell

NTP. 2nd M. Armstrong, 4th A. Hanke , 11th P. Partridge, 13th F. Weedon

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Tuesday Ladies Competition

Gwen Hyland Par 12/1/2021 Winner: M.Dix +7 T. Cameron +1 L. Targett Sgu. P.Richardson -2 C/B J. Baker -2 J. Herczykowski -4 C/B J. Bailey -4 H.Tonks -4 Nearest Pin 2/11. L. Targett 4/13 D. Kelly
9 Hole Stableford. Winner. M. Fellowes 19. R/Up O. Milbourne 16 C/B S.Dillon 16 S. Tringrove 15 C/B A. Thomson 15 L. Thorne 13


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat Jan 9 – Stableford A Grade 44pts N Lilley 38pts L Mason B Grade 37pts P Wettenhall
36pts D Earley on a count back C Grade 37pts D Webber 34pts S Cottrell Prize Winners 37pts P McKay
36pts C Reid L Hart 35pts D Patten D Reid R Wilson G Roberts J Fitzgerald S Manser
Nearest the Pin 2nd R Styles 4th N Lilley 11th W Unger 13th Super Pin D Patten Eagle 6th N Lilley

Llanherne golf results

Thursday 7/1/21
P. Boreham & G. Wright 47c/b, J. Rice & G. Hayers 47, K. Shepherd & R. Steedman, M. Grant & J. Mikulski , M. Thomson & M. Clark, G. Heany & A. Forward , D. Webber & H. Tonks 42, M. Gray & L. Hart, H. Bradburn & M. Pearce 41c/b
N.T.P 2nd S. Carter, 4th M. Clark, 11th G. Heany, 13th C. Martin

Wednesday 6/1/21
D. Harrold 21c/b, P. Direen , T. Young, S. Ware, M. Geeves, J. Rickards 21, prizes down to 18

Sunday 3/1/21
S. Walter 22, S. Cottrell, A. Paul 21, R. Fellowes 20

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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat Jan 2 – Stroke 2020 Gold Medal Play Off Winner and Monthly Medal Winner Nett 66 D Patten
A Grade Nett 66 D Patten Gross 72 R Styles B Grade Nett 68 D Charlesworth Gross 84 P Galligan
C Grade Nett 72 P Burdon Gross 84 P Byrne Prize Winners Nett 70 B Phillips M Milne 71 D Johnston
R Wilson J Pregnell 72 S Brazendale D Young A McKay T Howell M Grant Nearest the Pin 2nd D Moir
4th G Whittle 11th R Wilson 13th Super Pin B Phillips