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Results Thursday 13 august 2020

Thursday 13 August 2020 Stableford. E Longo 40, E Boreham 39, Lady winner J Herczykowski 35. Down the lined Harrison 38, J Goggins, B Bannister, P Mann 36, J Woodroffe, R Dresser, G Cuthbert, B Deardon 35,B McCullagh, J Mikulski 34, M Gray, P Partridge, F Kershaw, M Armstrong, M Grant, P Vincent 33. NTP 2nd J Milne, 4th T Cameron, 11th and 13th B Bannister

M Gray


Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 5/8/20
L. Targett 17, A. Woodward, B. Carman 15

Friday 7/8/20
G. Geard, P.Williams 21, M.Barling, P.Miller , T. Sperring, G. Flanagan, G. Brown 20

Sunday 9/8/20
9 Hole
G. Quarrell 17, A. Mollineaux, S. Cooke 16
18 Hole
E Knott 35, E. Boreham 34

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Tuesday Ladies Competition

Stableford: Winner M. Dix 36 R/Up H. Tonks 36 G. Foster 35 C/B D. Kelly P. Thomson 35 D. Goddard T. Cameron M. Bresnehan 34 A. Watson 33 Nearest Pin 2nd: D. Goddard 4th C. Martin

9 Hole Stableford: Winner O. Milbourne 16 R/Up L. Beard 13


Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 8th August – Stableford G A Molony Trophy Winner 43pts A Ayers
A Grade 40pts A McKay on a count back 40pts N Galanos B Grade 43pts A Ayers
40pts D Charlton C Grade 39pts I Lamb 38pts T Bracken Prize Winners 39pts S Brazendale
J Milne 38pts D Reid D Young P Galligan 37pts T van der Staay K Shepherd R Martin
36pts R Herbert R Hibberd V Oakley 35pts G Thompson A McGuinness J Fitzgerald
M Grant D Quinn J Patten B Deardon 34pts M Hall B Phillips B Bannister C Mulligan
G Whittle F Weedon P Stone K Griffith Nearest the Pin 2nd N Galanos 4th P Howard
11th A McKay 13th Super Pin J Marais

Results Thursday 6 August 2020

Thursday 6 August 2020, 4 BBB stableford. L Griggs G Davy 49. M Clark T Field 46. J Goggins A Hanke 44, J King D Reid, A Herbert S Manser, P Boreham E Boreham 43. A Watson P Thomson 42, P Harris A Pearce, P Grubb S Carter, Mikulski T Jarvis, P Skinner M Bresnehan 41. NTP 2nf A Watson, 4th L Targett, 11th B Carmen, 13th N Bennett.

M Gray