As from Wednesday 17 April the temporary local rules regarding the over sown areas of the course will be lifted. The over sown areas have firmed up and are playable. No relief from bare spots.

An unforeseen result of leaving the pin in when putting has created a problem with damage to the edges of the hole. Players are trying to get the ball out of the hole when the pin in left in. There is limited area within the hole to get your hand in to remove a ball and this is causing damage to the hole edge. Please remove the pin then remove the ball. Yanking the flag out in an effort to dislodge the ball is discouraged. If you use an attachment on the end of the putter to remove the ball please ensure that the shaft does not come in contact with the rim of the hole.

A further reminder that Anzac Day competition is a shotgun start at 10.00 a.m. Enter you name in Our Golf as usual. If you want breakfast place your name on the list provided.

The annual Llanherne V Pittwater day was held last Saturday. There were 24 players form Pittwater and 27 players from Llanherne. We won the trophy with an average of 30.25 point for Pittwater and 32 points for Llanherne. Thanks to all those who participated.

Mike Gray