Llanherne Golf Club Inc.


Board of Management

A Board elected by the members manages the club daily activities. The names of Board members are also displayed in the clubhouse and in the roster book. An annual General meeting of Llanherne Inc. is held in November each year.  For actual date look in the calendar.

Board Members


Gerald Jones


Adrian Belbin


Graeme Manning


Ian Lamb


David Steedman

Vice Captain

Brian Bannister

Membership Manager

Barry Simpson

Committee Members

Graham Walsh


Richard Wyatt


Denis Reid

Sponsorship Manager

Scott Godfrey

Handicap Manager

Frank Weedon


The Board is assisted in the management of the club and day to day operations by 4 sub-committes.  The committes are made up of board members and non board members.

Ladies Committee

President           Kerrie Hibberd

Vice President    Robyn Scallon

Secretary           Pam Barter

Treasurer           Lenice Beard

Captain              Jill Baker

Vice Captain  

Committee         Olwen Milbourne

                         Heather Tonks

                         Rosie Stewart

                         Pam Thomson

Match and Greens Committee

House Committee

Thursday Competition Committee