Local Rules

These rules are to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf

Out of Bounds: A ball lying beyond the line of white stakes (with black tops) along the left hand side of the 1st/10th, 2nd, 3rd/l2th, 5th/14th fairways, or in the car park, is out of bounds.

 Stake markers: Out of bounds – white with black tops :

  • Lateral water hazards – red
  • Water hazards – yellow
  • Ground under repair – white

 Stakes denoting water hazards, lateral water hazards or G.U.R are deemed immovable obstructions and relief may be obtained under rule 24.2B.

 Trees and Shrubs: If a staked tree interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted without penalty and dropped in accordance with rule 24.2B.

 Garden Beds: Garden beds near the Club House and elsewhere are to be regarded as G.U.R. and the player MUST take relief in accordance with rule 25.1.

 Watering System: All watering points, taps, hoses, sprinklers, pump house and test bores are immovable obstructions and relief MUST be taken in accordance with rule 24.2.

 General: All tee markers, advertising signs, ball washers, shelter sheds, seats, fences around the teeing grounds are immovable obstructions and relief under rule 24.2 can be obtained.

 Additional local rules may be made from time to time and will be displayed on the notice board.

 Distance Markers indicate 150 metres to centre of green. Distançe Measuring Devices permitted in accordance with rule 14-3 of Rules of Golf.

Please refer to notice board for temporary local rules.