If you are playing golf at Llanherne you will be either a member of Llanherne Golf Club or a visitor. In this section you will find information to assist you to enjoy your time at Llanherne.

While playing golf at Llanherne PLEASE OBSERVE the following:

  • Check notice board for conditions of play, local rules etc.
  • Check the handicap computer before you play.
  • Be at the Clubhouse at least 15 minutes before tee time.
  • Do not talk or move while others in the group are about to play
  • Players are requested not to waste time. Move to the next tee before you mark your card. If it is your honour, play your shot then mark your card.
  • No player should hit until the group ahead is out of range.
  • In case of a lost ball call the following group through immediately and then look for your ball.
  • At all times display courtesy to your fellow players.
  • While practicing on the course, only two balls can be played.
  • The carrying of a sand bucket is compulsory and the repair of Plug Marks and Divots is considered essential.

 Please observe the following at all times

  • The Green Keeper has the right of way AT ALL TIMES.
  • Watering equipment IN USE MUST NOT be moved.
  • Identification must be carried at all times on the course. You may be challenged.
  • Abide by the rules of golf and observe etiquette AT ALL TIMES.