Llanherne Golf Club was originally established on land within the Hobart airport property boundary by a group of airport employees (both Government and Private) and interested members of local community under a lease agreement with the Commonwealth Government.  In the late 1980’s the clubs long term survival was challenged when the Commonwealth Government indicated long term plans to expand the airport facilities and moved the leasing arrangement from medium to short term.  Discussion with the Department of Parks and Wildlife about the availability of land following the cropping of the near by pine plantation resulted in the purchase of the present site from the State Government on the condition that it was used for Sport and Recreation purposes.  The new Course and Clubhouse was financed and built with a combination of loans, member contribution and volunteer labour. The present site was occupied in 1994.

 Llanherne Golf Club is located at 132 Surf Road, Seven Mile Beach and shares property boundaries with Hobart Airport, Westlands Nurseries, Wyndham Vacation Resort, Royal Hobart Golf Club and the proposed Seven Mile Beach Sports and Activity Precinct.  Designed by Peter Toogood the course is unique in its design is strongly influenced by Peter’s experience on English and Scottish sand belt courses.  The course consists of nine green that are approach from 18 individual teeing grounds and fairways that conjoin at the approach to the greens.

The course was developed (more to come)