About us

Llanherne Golf Club is located on 44.75ha of land at 132 Surf Road, Seven Mile Beach and shares property boundaries with Hobart Airport, Westlands Nurseries, The Pine Resort and Royal Hobart Golf Club.

Designed by Peter Toogood the course is unique in its design based on English and Scottish sand belt courses. The course consists of nine green that are approach from 18 individual teeing grounds and fairways that conjoin at the approach to the greens.

General Information                                  


         Green Fees                                     

                  Affiliated visiting Members                 $25.00       
                  Affiliated visiting Junior members                $15.00       
                  No Concession Green Fees Are Available               

         Tee Markers                                    

                  White Members Competitions and Championships 
                  Red    Lady Members Competitions and Championships
                  Yellow         Social And Practice Tees          

         Flag Colours                                    

                  Yellow         Front of Green                        
                  White          Middle of Green                      
                  Red             Back of Green                         


         Green Markers on Fairways indicate 150 Metres from the Centreline   
         or the fairway to the centre of the reen                         
         Green Keeper and other workers on the course              
         have right way at all times                                 
         Watering equipment must not be moved                       
         Identification must carried at all times (Bag Tags or Green Fee Tags) you   
         may be challenged                                    
         Abide by the rules of golf and observe etiquette at all times              

         Competition Days                                     

         Tuesday               Ladies Day                             
         Wednesday           Members and Ladies 9 Hole Competition     
         Thursday              Members and Ladies Invitation Day   
         Friday                  Members and Ladies 9 Hole Competition     
         Saturday              Members Day   
         Sunday                Members and Ladies 9 Hole Competition