Llanheren Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 27th Feb – Stableford A Grade 40pts A McKay 38pts P Galligan
B Grade 39pts G Reid 37pts A Rowbottom C Grade 35pts M Horne 33pts P Lilley
Prize Winners 37pts G Jones 36pts L Griggs S Collins G Quarrell 35pts P Grinsted
S Platt S Manser Nearest the Pin 2nd D Reid 4th T Pennington 11th G Roberts
13th Super Pin S Collins Hole in One 4th T Pennington

Tuesday Ladies Competition Results

4 BBB Stableford: Winner J. Baker/S. Ham 41 R/Up M. Bresnehan/D.Kelly 41 S/Dillon/S.Tringrove 39 D. Goddard/N Waddle 39 G. Amaritage/G. Foster 39 M. Mahony /J. King 39 Nearest Pin: 2/11 T. Cameron 4/13 T. Cameron

9 Holes: Winner D. Hawkes/H.McCrum 21 R/Up A. Thomson/ L. Ritson 20

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Llanherne golf results

Thursday 18/02/21
S. Manser 41, S. Godfrey 40,T. Collins 39, I. Lamb 38, F. Kershaw, B. Deardon, P. Pearce 36, M. Thomson, T. Freeman, G. Dahl, A. Turner 35, T. Weldon, T. Field, V. Oakley 34

Ladies winner ; L. Hart 39

N. T. P. 2nd M. Gray, 4th B. Smith, 11th L. Hart , 13th J. Johnston

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Llanherne Golf Results

Llanherne Sat 20th Feb – Stableford A Grade 39pts D Moir 38pts R Dyson B Grade 42pts C Le Fevre
39pts P Howard C Grade 35pts G Dahl on a count back 35pts F Kershaw Prize winners 38pts G Thompson
J Pregnell 37pts P Pennington M Williams P Direen T Hall 36pts L Griggs C Reid G Quarrell A Rowbottom
M Gray D Earley Nearest the Pin 2nd G Williams 4th R Geeves 11th S Brazendale 13th Super Pin L Hart
Eagle 9th J Pregnell

Llanherne golf results

Wednesday 10/02/21
T. Lacy 23, A. Paul 22, G. Mc Guire, J. Heron 21, prizes down 18points c/b

Friday 22/02/21
B. Vaux 22, J. Perkins 21, J. Fitzgerald prizes down to 18 points

Sunday 14/02/21
K. Duggan 21, A. Archer, A. Wilson, A. Brown 16

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