Llanherne Golf results

Friday 16/7/21S. Ware 23, J. Marais 22, J. Pregnell 21, prizes down to 18 points

Sunday 18/7/21
G. Brown, M. Hodge, B. Sherman 20, prizes down to 17 points

Wednesday 21/7/21
M. Hellinga, T. Mc Culloch 21, T. Lacy, M. Dennis, F. Weedon 20, prizes down to 17c/b

Thursday 22/7/21
T. Bracken 44, G. Dahl 40, S. Carter, F. Weedon 39, prizes down to 35 points
Ladies winner: A. Forward

N. T. P. 2nd B. Carman, 4th P. Grubb, 11th B. Moles, 13th M. Mahoney

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